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Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting providers handle the optimizations, configurations and improvements necessary for a reliable, safe and secure WordPress installation.

It is the most suitable and effective way to host a WordPress website, reducing the burden and time spent establishing a safe, secure, reliable and fast WordPress website. Because WordPress continues to increase in both usage and popularity, managed WordPress hosting is a growing segment of the website hosting business, with the traditional shared hosting providers even starting to adapt their businesses to be able to offer this service.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting


The top reason you should chose a Managed WordPress host is because of the service and support you receive that far outweighs the service you get on shared hosting services.

automatic backups

How would you feel if you suddenly lost your website? You should ALWAYS be prepared for a disaster and Managed WordPress hosts take care of this for you, backing up your site to a different server every day.

Reduced risk of malware

Not only do managed WordPress hosting providers implement security to prevent malware infections, they will also help cleanup any infections that occur on their platform.

high performance

Managed WordPress service providers have optimized the server configuration for WordPress, allowing for improvements in speed, caching and security.

automatic updates

Consistent updates to major updates of WordPress core and plugins is essential to the security and functionality of your website. Managed WordPress hosts implement major WordPress core updates automatically.

staging environments

Test, test test. You should never implement software or content updates to your website without testing them first on a development version of your site. Once tested you can push the updates to the production site (live version).

Managed WordPress hosting providers we support

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